Gabber Gabber Footbulb

** Julian "x-virge" Missig 
	Project manager, User Interface, rewrote much of the 
	build system, and code.

** Dave "DizzyD" Smith 
	Lots of code, jabberoo, judo, code, and code.

** Brandon Lees 
	Lots of code, including message queuing and gnupg support.
	Agent searching, new registration druid, many bug fixes,
	message queuing.

* Eliot "e-t" Landrum 
	Tester, Gabber Manual.

* Thomas "temas" Muldowney 
	Bug fixes, file transfer.

* Konrad Podloucky 

* Matthias Wimmer 
	German (de) translation, IPv6, proxy support.

* James Widman 
	Patches, grunt-work, testing.

* Dave Lee 
	XHTML Logging.

* Benedikt "bratislav" Roth 
	eMail-like quoting and right-click URLs in normal messages

Youngjin "artwiz" Hahn 
	Original icons.

Garrett LeSage 
	Additional icons.

Todd Bradley 

David Zoll 
	Small bug fixes, g_asserts.

Jeremy "jwise" Wise 
	Patches, gnomeicu.

Karl "kenelson" Nelson
	libsigc++, gtkmm, and gnomemm improvements.

ERDI "Cactus" Gergo 
	EasyOptionMenu, later renamed MenuBuilder.

Erich "needo" Zigler 
	README.FreeBSD, Gabber FreeBSD port.

Lauris Kaplinski 
	e-font and e-unicode (Taken from CVS GAL).
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