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2003-05-23 Gabber 0.8.8
	* Read Previous in normal message receive dialog (julian)
	* Send general invisible presence /and/ directly to agents (julian)
	* A few small bug fixes/interface fixes from Benedikt Roth 
	* Fix for crash on sending time (James Widman)
	* Jabberoo updated to latest libjudo (julian)
	* Gabber updated to work with latest Jabberoo (James Widman)
	* Several wide character bug fixes (James Widman)
	* Several configure fixes for various architectures (julian)
	* Updated Gabber Manual! (Eliot Landrum)
	* "Default" button in Contact Information fixed (julian)
	* Fixed crash when agent is left selected (thanks Bac9) (julian)
	* PGP/GnuPG keyserver is now configurable (julian)
	* New version of xtext fixes hidden line problem (julian, Andreas Fuchs)
	* Nickname highlighting in group chats (julian)
	* Experimental festival support (Mike Szczerban)
	* No more autoupdate (julian)
	* Status Icon for GNOME2/KDE3 using the protocol (julian)

2002-02-17 Gabber 0.8.7
	* URLs are now handled by the normal message interface (julian)
	* Support for three types of HTTP Proxy; see README.proxy (mawis)
	* Support for SOCKS 4 (mawis)
	* Support for SOCKS 5 (mawis)
	* Updated to latest libjudo from JECL, which fixes XML parsing bugs (julian)
	* Fixed crashes on things such as searching's JUD (julian)
	* Fixed crash on extraneous whitespace in roster (julian)
	* Log out reason support (julian)
	* New music icon; music icon changes for paused and stopped (Kenny Graunke)
	* File transfer detects IP address a bit better (mawis)
	* Agent detection fixed (julian)
	* Groups default to expanded instead of collapsed (julian)
	* Several patches from James Widman  to simplify and fix code
	* Support for jabberd 1.4.2's presence invisibility (julian)
	* A lot of dialogs have their parents properly set (James Widman, julian)
	* Better normal message queuing (julian)

2002-01-07 Gabber 0.8.6
	* Fixed a bug with GPG encryption which caused unencryptable messages (julian)
	* New normal message dialog (julian)
	* Basic roster import functionality (julian)
	* Fixed bugs in registering with the AIM transport (Mike Szczerban )
	* GCC3 compliance thanks to many people, especially temas

2001-11-12 Gabber 0.8.5
	* Fixes to many UTF-8 issues (Patch from Alexandre N. Safiullin )
	* Quoting reply on selected text only uses that text (Patch from Alexandre N. Safiullin )
	* Warn when closing an ooochat which just received a message (julian)
	* "User went offline"/"User came online" disappears after 30 seconds (julian)
	* Roster case sensitivity fixes (brandon2)
	* Fixed some cases where contacts accidentally get added to the "Pending" group (julian)
	* Drag-n-Drop JabberIDs to/from many widgets. Just try things. (julian)
	* Basic file sending support. (temas)
	* Flashing message on roster unopenable bug fixed. (temas)
	* Crash on presence error fixed. (temas)
	* Other obscure crashes fixed. (temas)
	* Experimental XMMS music information. (julian)
	* Minor bug fixes. (julian, temas)
	* README finally updated (julian)
	* Lots of translation updates (gnome-i18n)

2001-07-22 Gabber 0.8.4
	* Various GnuPG fixes (Taral)
	* Preference-saving backend rewritten, fixes many bugs with not saving preferences properly (brandon2)
	* Numpad Enter key now works properly (julian)
	* Added "Pending" virtual group for people whose subscription requests have not been confirmed/denied (julian)
	* Many bugs with searching user directories fixed (julian)
	* Ability to export Jabber roster to file (julian)
	* Ability to change nickname back to the default one the contact set (bratislav)
	* Dialog buttons rearranged to be more user friendly (julian)
	* Right-click menu to hide the various toolbars (julian)
	* GnomeDock now refreshes properly when a toolbar is removed (julian)
	* Ability to raise the window when a new message is received (julian)
	* Added a Status toolbar (disabled by default) which displays various kinds of information (julian)
	* Message manager completely rewritten, should solve many roster/message bugs (brandon2)
	* Backend now supports message events, thanks to new message manager (julian)
	* TCP connection should now support being SOCKSified (konrad)

2001-05-13 Gabber 0.8.3
	* "Online" is now called "Available" (julian)
	* Basic manpage added (Norbet Veber)
	* Fixed bug where the spell checking option wouldn't be saved (julian)
	* Roster no longer jumps to the top whenever someone logs on/off (julian)
	* Fixed a very large bug with reconnect code (konrad)
	* Rearranged window titles (julian)
	* Welcome druid redone (jimbob, julian)
	* Fixed crashes when receiving contacts (julian)
	* Add user druid redone (jimbob, julian)
	* Now support GnuPG 1.0.5 (brandon2)
	* Don't display messages with no body (julian)
	* No longer cuts off large text in the roster (julian)

2001-03-28 Gabber 0.8.2
	* Fixed problem getting information for users not on roster (julian)
	* Added additional keyboard accelerators to labels (julian)
	* Reorganized all source code, cleaned up style (everyone)
	* Updated e-font from GAL, this fixes some big UTF-8 bugs
	* Fixed bug searching "small" Jabber Users Directory (julian)
	* Remember the state of groups (julian)
	* Automatically set away after being idle for a while (brandon2)
	* Report/view idle time and last time logged out (julian, brandon2)
	* Shift+Enter inserts newline in chats (konrad)
	* eMail-like quoting in normal messages (Benedikt "bratislav" Roth)
	* Right-clickable URLs in normal messages (bratislav)
	* Send and Receive Contacts (brandon2)
	* Group Chat Invitations (brandon2)
	* Spell checking via gtkspell (julian)

2001-01-17 Gabber 0.8.1
	* Ability to select resources in View User Info (julian, dave)
	* Support for using GnuPG to encrypt and/or sign messages (brandon2)
	* Gabber now has optional SSL support using OpenSSL (konrad)
	* Support for sounds on several events (julian)
	* Sounds for Gabber's sound events by Todd Bradley 
	* Additional fields have been added to User Information (julian)
	* Roster reorganizing with drag and drop (brandon2)
	* Presence is shown in One-on-One Chats (julian)
	* Only set "user is online" and "user went offline" messages only when appropriate (julian)
	* ru translation: Eugene Sandulenko 
2000-12-12 Gabber 0.8.0
	* Group Chat Join dialog greatly improved (julian)
	* Menus rearranged (julian)
	* Transport information, logging in/out from the roster (julian)
	* Jabber autoupdate notification of new releases from now on (julian)
	* User Information dialog now displays subscription information (julian)
	* New lines now properly displayed in chats (dave)
	* Jabber Filter support! (dave)
	* Add User Druid and Welcome Druid updated (julian)
	* Backend code cleaned up (dave)
	* Edit Groups dialog (julian)
	* Browse Agent/Other IM System support rewritten (dave)
	* Show/Hide Agents independent of users on roster (julian)
	* Client priority can now be set (julian)
	* UTF-8 support - Gabber now support extended characters. (julian)
	* Timestamps in messages are now displayed. (brandon)
	* Agent Registration/Searching now works. (brandon)
	* HTML history instead of raw XML history. (bigdave)
	* Chat colors now mimic GTK+ theme colors. (julian)
	* Messages now wait in tray/roster until opened. (brandon2)
	* Danish translation by Halfdan aka Rasmus Toftdahl Olesen 
	* German translation by Matthias Wimmer 
	* French translation by Frédéric Crozat 
2000-07-31 Gabber 0.7.0
	* Status Docklet! (julian)
	* Debug submenu, Raw XML Input (julian)
	* Basic per-user history (julian)
	* Icons and status color are back in the roster! (dave)
	* Chats now use X-Chat's xtext widget! (dave)
	* Groupchat greatly improved (dave)
	* Groupchat status changing (dave)
	* Added support for bitmap masks in status icons (jwise)
	* Read and set message subjects (julian)
	* Save conversation logs of chats (julian)
2000-06-21 Gabber 0.6.1
	* "Show as" is now a pulldown menu instead of a button (julian)
	* Status/show dialog now closes when enter is pressed (julian)
	* Message dialog UI rearranged. 'Keep dialog open after send' option. (julian)
	* 'Add User to Roster...' in Message dialog now works (julian)
	* Small bug fixes (julian)
	* Now grabs user info (vCard) for people in Edit User dialog! (julian)
	* Also grabs vCard for people in Add User druid (julian)
	* Sets vCard in User Info (julian)
	* Gabber Manual bug fix (eliot)
	* Many small UI fixes (julian)
	* Message dialog and OOOChat dialog now have toolbars (julian)
	* OOOChat dialog now has a mutiple line input box (julian)
2000-06-09 Gabber 0.6.0
	** Ported everything to work with gtkmm 1.2.0 and gnomemm 1.1.10 (julian)
	* Gabber now has gnome mini-icons if you have gnome-libs >= 1.0.59 (julian)
	* Merged Message Received Dialog and Message Dialog, less code, same
	effect. (julian)
	* Added support for basic headlines to jabberoo and gabber, along with
	an ugly dialog. (julian)
	* Made subscription request dialog nicer. (dave)
	* Added Agents submenu, renamed Agents dialog to Transports. (julian)
	* Transports are now automatically added to the roster. (julian)
	** GROUP SUPPORT! (dave)
	** Many roster improvements (dave)
	* i18n support and en_SE (swedish chef) translation. (julian)
	* Colored text for status (dave - roster-side, julian - ui-side)
	* Add User Druid makes it easier for everyone to add new users. (julian)
	* Toolbar for commonly-used menu items. (julian)
	* Welcome Druid completely rewritten. (julian)
	* Basic User Information dialog. (julian)
2000-05-06 Gabber 0.5.1
	* Status changing bug fix. (julian)
	* Stalker icon now used when you do not have the proper subscription
	to receive someone's presence. (julian)
	* Major disconnect bugs now fixed. (dave)
	* Re-request Subscription right-click menu item added. (julian)
	* Messages to/from transports now work without crashing. (dave)
	* Registered agents can now be editted by clicking "Register..." (dave)

2000-05-01 Gabber 0.5
	* Status changing is 100% operational. (dave)
2000-04-30 Gabber 0.5pre2
	* Now only using username in OOOChat and RecvdMsg titles. (julian)
	* Updated manual for group chat and other changes. (eliot)
	* Now using a different dialog if it's creating an account from
	within the wizard. (julian)
	* Status bar now informs user of logging in/out, people coming
	online/offline, and deleting from/adding to roster. (julian)
	* Status changing is (almost) working! (julian)
	* Abtrary message sending is now working. (julian)
	* Displaying icons for show is working. (julian)
2000-04-26  Gabber 0.5pre1
	* First RPMs/DEBs of pre-0.5 series. (julian, eliot)
	* ChangeLog will now take this format. We'll just keep a running
	list of all new features. 'cvs log' will then be able to tell us
	when which lines were added, thus giving us the same details we
	get sorting the ChangeLog by commits. (julian)
	* Everything is new, since we've had no prior releases! (julian)
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