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- TODO -
DONE (version) - version number this feature will appear in
?? - Should we even implement this? Will it be possible?
* item0
	* item1 - item1 requires item0 be completed

TODO for 0.8.8 (short-term)
	* Extra visual notification of new messages in open windows:
		* It would be nice to make the tasklist flash
		* but we can't do that, afaik
		* so add an asterisk to the title
		* remove notification after window has been viewed (made active?)
	* DONE (0.8.8) Group chat window show/hide users resizing bug (James Widman)
	* ContactRecv should ask for request reason when adding people (julian)
	* Error checking for file transfer
		* Need to check URIs before attempting to download (James Widman)
	* DONE (0.8.8) Figure out /who/ is currently selected in the roster before a refresh,
	  and then after the refresh select the same person (amx)
		* If the user is no longer being displayed, select a user above or below
	* popSpool function in MessageManager, which removes on the XML for a given message,
	  not the whole spool like clearSpool -- display needs popSpool
	* look into updating xtext again (julian)
	* look into queuing presence requests with MessageManager,
	  this probably involves faking the MessageManager out
		* possibly use an  on a message and stick the  in there
			* yeah, it's hackish, but it will never see the light of day
				* outside the spool files, that is
	* ?? auto-accept presence requests
		* ?? with auto-add contact
	* Modify the way we do sounds to allow for anything, not just gnome (julian)
		* ?? Put in some hooks so we can hook up things like festival (julian)
	* Start fixing up XML logging
		* possibly move to XML logging per default
	* Replace GABBER_ variables with calls to appropriate gnome functions (Dekar?)
	* Look at bugs in Gabber's SourceForge bug list!

	* subscription denial stuffs

TODO for 0.9.0 (long-term)
	* PASS support!
		* autodetermine whether to use PASS or normal OOB
			* maybe do it via iq:browse and other methods
	* Start fixing up XML logging
		* move to XML logging per default
			* internal history viewer
	* iq:browse support in jabberoo (julian/temas)
		* redo agent info for iq:browse (julian)
		* redo reg druid for iq:browse (julian)
		* redo agent browser for iq:browse (julian)
		* agent_replace() for iq:browse (julian)
	* maybe fix some of xtext's horrible bugs (temas)
	* make a vcard handler in jabberoo (julian)
	* better error handling
		This has been started by julian, in ErrorManager (0.8.2)
		* Create an which handles every single error
		  we can think of, including a default errorview if Gabber
		  has no clue about the error.
		* ?? Possibly create ErrorManager to do the initial error check
		  and then hand off to the appropriate ErrorView?
		* if trying to send something to a user on a transport which 
		  is down, warn them instead of waiting for an error 
	* Headline support!!! <--- Needed soon... really should discuss UI
	* better Transmitter error handling and more descriptive error 
	  messages (konrad)
	* DONE (0.8.1) Drag and Drop (DnD) roster items
		* Support to drag users to/from Evolution (julian will work 
		  with clahey)
		* Ignore list
		* ?? Send to multiple users
	* Make MessageManager thread-based
		* add more details of what new MessageManager should do (julian)
	* ?? Top-level unified group editor, instead of editing groups on a 
	  per user basis
	* PUT OFF (IRC-t is dead) Specialized handling of IRC in group chat win (julian)

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