Status for Roster Items

Status information (Available, Chatty, Away, Extended Away, Do Not Disturb) for users on the roster can be represented by icons to the left of the user and by the text color of the user's name. A lighted bulb and light blue text, for example, means the user is online and available; a XA sign and dark green text reflects that the user is Extended Away.

The latest status information about a user on the roster will be shown on the status bar. gives an example of an active status bar and the status of various users.

Status information about a user will not appear until a subscription has been successfully approved and processed by the other user. See the section called Subscriptions in the chapter called Managing Users for more information about subscriptions.

Status icons can be disabled from the Preferences dialog.

User Status

If the Gabber user is currently logged into Jabber, the user's online status information will be displayed in the Status button on the toolbar underneath the Roster. The previous screenshot shows the user as Available.

To change the status information, click the drop down status box and select the desired status. The User Status dialog will then load so that a custom message can be specified. After clicking Update Status, the updated status will be sent to users on the roster.

The status toolbar can be disabled in the Preferences dialog. Current status can still be changed from the Presence sub-menu on the Gabber menu.