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- Screenshots -

Here are some recent screenshots of Gabber in action. Sometimes they're release versions, sometimes they're CVS, and sometimes they just show the glade user interface being worked on. Last updated 28 May, 2002.

Screenshot 20020528 Screenshot 20020217 Screenshot 20020119 Screenshot 20011229 Screenshot 20011113 Screenshot 20011006 Screenshot 20010918 Screenshot 20010608 Screenshot 20010529 Screenshot 20010401 Screenshot 20010316 Screenshot 20010303 Screenshot 20010204 Screenshot 20010124 Screenshot 20010121 Screenshot 20010114 Screenshot 20001106

Fingolfin sends in evidence of Gabber on MacOS X. If only Apple hardware weren't so expensive (or someone would send me some)...

MacOS X Screenshot 20011105
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