Jabber servers can have agents (orservices) to give the user extra functionality. An agent is simply a server module that the server loads for things like searching for users through the Jabber directory, or group chats.

A transport is a subset of agents that seamlessly bridges users to foreign protocols. By registering with a transport agent, a user can communicate with users on other networks with little effort.


In order to use most agents, they must be registered with. After logging in to a server, the Agents Browser, available via Browse Agents/IM Systems on the Services menu, lists agents on the current server. Other servers can be browsed by typing the address in the server text box and clicking the Browse button.

To register with an agent, highlight the agent's name in the agent list and click Register.... The Agent Registration druid will load to allow the user to enter specific information that the agent requires.

Note Agent Reliability

Since the various agents are not actually a part of Gabber, they may experience unexpected outages that are beyond Gabber's control. If messages such as "error attempting to register with agent" or "error attempting to search agent" appear, they mean something is wrong with the agent on the server. Contact the server administrator.