Group Chats

Joining a Group Chat

Upon initiating Group Chat from the Services menu, the Join Group Chat dialog will load for the user to fill in the required group chat information. After filling in the desired information, click Join Room to join the discussion.

Jabber Group Chat

To join a Jabber group chat the room and the group chat server. runs a public group chat server at The protocol should be set to "Jabber Group Chat".

Note Jabber Group Chat Backlog

The Jabber group chat server will send the last 20 messages that were sent in the room to any users joining. This is a highly useful feature that allows new joiners to see what is being discussed instead of just being thrown right into the conversation.


To join an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel, set the server to "", change the protocol to "IRC" and set the IRC server to whichever IRC server is desired. The channel name must be prefixed with an ampersand (&) or a hash (#).

As an example, to join the main GNOME IRC channel with Gabber, enter "#gnome" for the room, enter "" for the server, change the protocol to "IRC" and input "" in the IRC server field.

The Main Attraction

After logging into group chat, the main Group Chat window is shown. Along the top is the toolbar with various commands to manipulate the group chat. In the center of the window, there are two text areas. The left text box is the main chat area where all the messages are passed back and forth among the chat members. To the right of that area is the list of current participants in the chat and their current status. To change the status of the user in the group chat session, simply select the desired state from the drop down box beneath the list of group chat participants. On the bottom left is an input text box where the user can type messages. After pressing Enter, the message will be sent to all the participants and will appear in the main chat box.

Group Chat Toolbar

  • Invite Contacts - Loads a dialog to allow contacts to be invited to the discussion.

  • Show/Hide Users in Group - Allows the side panel of group chat participants to be toggled on and off.

  • Message History - Loads the history dialog to view the entire history of messages with this group.


To change the subject (or topic) of the current group, type or edit the subject in the Subject: text box and press the Enter key.