Normal Messages

The most common format is modeled after Mirabilis ICQ's send and receive dialogs. This format is similar to email messages in that the entire conversation is not contained (or shown) within a window, but only the current message.

Sending a New Message

To send a normal message to a user in Gabber, right click on a user in the roster and select Message. A Send Message dialog appears (shown in Figure 1) for the user to type a message.

Figure 1. Send Message

Responding to Messages

When a normal message is received, a new window will be created to contain the received message and a text entry box for the user to input a response. If more messages are received from the same person, the Read Next button will become active to allow the user to view the next received message. To turn display of received messages off, simply toggle the Received Message button on the message toolbar. After typing a message into the Reply to: entry box, simply click Send to send the message. If the Don't close this dialog button on the toolbar is toggled, the message will be sent and the message entry dialog box will be cleared for a new message. If the option is not toggled, the dialog will then close and any unviewed messages will be lost.


Gabber provides several options when sending a normal message. These options are available via the simple toolbar at the top of each normal message. The following options are available (some options are only available when responding to a message):