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Checking Out

To checkout gabber from anonymous CVS:
cvs login
cvs checkout gabber
cd gabber/;
./ --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
Further information can be found in the README.cvs file.


All of the dependencies for Gabber are needed, plus their -devel or -dev packages.

If you do not have all of the dependancies properly installed, including their .m4 files, you WILL get macro errors.

gnome-common macros

You need to have the common GNOME macros installed. In Debian, this is package libgnome-dev. Another name for it is gnome-common.

You can get gnome-common from several places:


Compiling the translations in CVS now requires the xml-i18n-tools which other GNOME apps are using. You can find xml-i18n-tools on any GNOME mirror:


Those of you new to using gettext apps out of CVS: it is highly recommended that you first check that you have files in /usr/share/gettext/intl/ (If you don't, reinstall gettext) and then su and chattr +i them. 'make uninstall' is pretty broken with gettext, and will remove those files, thus breaking the ./intl/ directory for all CVS applications which use it.


Given ${prefix} is your prefix, such as /usr, /usr/local, or /opt/gnome and that /etc is the place you have sound/events:

    ./ --prefix=${prefix} --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var/lib
    make install

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