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23 May 2003: Latest Version of Gabber

Gabber 0.8.8, which features a GNOME2/KDE status icon, an updated XML parser, nickname highlighting in group chats, and other bug fixes.

Debian users, Gabber is available now in sid and woody.

RPM users, please be sure that all C++ dependencies for Gabber were compiled on the same system (libsigc++, gtkmm, gnomemm).

GNUstep users, there are now wrappers available to make launching Gabber easier.


All of the following dependencies can either be found on GNOME's official download site or in Ximian GNOME. Red Hat users should try FreshRPMS.

Download Binaries or Source

You can download the latest version of Gabber from the SourceForge download page. If you would like to donate binaries for other platforms/architectures, please send them to Julian and they will be posted on our page. Note that the links to offsite dependencies may break as they are updated, so it is recommended you go directly to the contributor (GNOME's official download site or Ximian GNOME or FreshRPMS).

Type Arch Distribution Linking File Download Contributor
Tarball Source gabber-0.8.8.tar.gz
RPM Source gabber-0.8.8-1.src.rpm
RPM i386 Red Hat 7.x dynamic (Not updated yet) gabber-0.8.7-1_rh7.i386.rpm
RPM i386 Red Hat 6.x dynamic (Not updated yet) gabber-0.8.6-1_rh6.i386.rpm Brian Lalor
RPM i586 Mandrake 8.x dynamic (Not updated yet) gabber-0.8.4-1_mdk8.i586.rpm
RPM i386 static (Not updated yet) gabber-0.8.1-1_static.i386.rpm
DEB i386 potato/stable dynamic (Not available)
DEB i386 woody/frozen dynamic Gabber is available in the main archive for woody.
DEB i386 sid/unstable dynamic Gabber is available in the main archive for sid.
Tarball Sparc Solaris 7/8 dynamic (Not updated yet) gabber0.8.7_solaris.tar.gz (14.12 MB)
  • Contains all GNOME dependencies
John Reinke
TGZ i386 Slackware 8.x dynamic (Not updated yet) gabber-0.8.4.tgz

CVS Information

If you want the absolute latest version of Gabber, please read our information about Gabber CVS.

GNUstep Wrapper

Contributed by Thomas Cherryhomes:

The Gabber GNUstep wrapper allows for GNUstep compliant Workspace managers (such as to properly launch Gabber. This allows Gabber to be launched from the file viewers, from any shelf (including desktop), and the Fiend dock extender.

Patches for other OpenStep compliant systems (Mac OSX running XDarwin, for example) are welcome! :-)

To install:


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