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List of Changes for Gabber 2

	- possibly switch to JECL's event system
		- wrap events to libsigc++ (possibly in separate lib?)
	- dynamically link or static?
	- make sure browsing is in and is cool

	- Use GConf
	- no need to cache things locally
	- hook into the changed signals where appropriate and use them
	- group the hidden config values under an advanced directory?
	- generalize sound settings (events) beyond Just GNOME
		- Allow any command to be run
		- generalize to the point of having an event API?
		- plugin system??

text widget
	- get rid of evil evil xtext
	- let me repeat, WE'RE NOT USING XTEXT
	- would GtkTextView or gtkhtml2 be better?
		- investigate possibility of XHTML-Basic and CSS1 support
		- XHTML-Basic and CSS1 display and generation will be needed
		- since I wrote the spec, I need to support it...
		- gtkhtml1 does not generate nice enough HTML...
		- nor does it support CSS
		- gleblanc tells me gtkhtml2 is unmaintained
	- right-click menus should be consistent and existent everywhere
	- spell check?
		- a lot of users like this feature in gabber1...

	- we need one
	- really, it's not just my want, we NEED one
	- gnome2 doesn't have anything
		- that can be started from a non-panel application

commandline options
	- figure out what is *needed*
	- look into CORBA support or something to allow for gabber remote:
		- gabber --message "hello julian"
			- or something of the like
		- gabber --adduser someguy@someserver.ext

	- either remove GPG support completely
		- or switch to GPGME (assuming it actually works)
	- temas should get going on the new Jabber encryption standard
		- and we should support that primarily

	- separate MessageManager into:
		- queue generic objects (presence, message, errors, etc)
		- message router (figures out message stuff and sends to queue)
	- ErrorManager
		- figure out a better way to handle errors nicely
	- move many things to be more iq:browse-based
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