Menu Bar

The menu bar located at the top of Gabber's main window, provides the following commands:


  • Presence Allows the current status to be changed. See the information about the User Status dialog for complete information.

  • Login... (Ctrl-L) If the user has not logged in yet, this menu item loads the Login dialog to allow the user to specify login information and to connect to the server.

  • Logout After being logged in, the Logout menu item allows the connection to be terminated. Activating Logout during a login procedure will cancel the current login routine.

  • Hide Offline Users (Ctrl-H) Hides users who are offline on the roster. Note that this does not hide offline agents.

  • Roster A sub-menu that includes several options for the manipulation of the roster

    • Export Roster... Exports the entire roster to a file for backup purposes.

    • Import Roster... Imports a roster from a file that was previously exported.

    • Hide Offline Contacts (Ctrl-H) Hides contacts who are currently offline.

    • Hide Agents Hides the entire Agents group.

  • Connection Settings... Loads the Connection Settings dialog to edit the information used when logging in to a Jabber server.

  • My Information... Loads the My Information dialog for editing information stored in the Jabber Users Directory.

  • Preferences... Loads the Preferences dialog to allow the user to customize Gabber.

  • Exit (Ctrl-Q) Exits Gabber.


  • New Blank Message... Creates a new blank message to an unspecified user.

  • Add Contact... (Ctrl-U) Loads the Locate User druid.

  • Add Group... Assists in adding a new user group to the roster.

  • Browse Agents/IM Systems... (Ctrl-B) Loads the Agents Browser to register with agents and other Instant Messaging systems.

  • Join Group Chat... (Ctrl-C) Loads the Group Chat login dialog to begin a group chat (conference).

  • Jabber Message Rules (Ctrl-R) Loads the Jabber Message Rules List dialog to allow the customization of how incoming messages are handled.


  • Gabber Manual... Shows this manual.

  • About... Shows basic information about Gabber.

  • Debug Contains several options for debugging or testing the Jabber connection. Often used by developers to get more "hands-on" access to the Jabber stream.